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Maize Animal Control Regulations are enforced by the Maize Police Department.  All owners of dogs and cats the age of six months or older must have them vaccinated against rabies. In addition, dog owners are required to obtain an annual dog license. The vaccination and license is available at the following area veterinary clinics:

The city dog license may also be purchased at City Hall, 10100 Grady Ave, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with proof of rabies vaccination from a certified veterinarian.

All dogs must be confined by leash, rope, chain or within a fenced area or building. Dogs are not permitted to run loose at any time of the day or night.

License fees for each dog:

NOTE: Maize allows a maximum of two dogs and a maximum of three cats upon any premises. Any person desiring to own more than the stated maximums must apply for an Animal Maintenance Permit at City Hall.

If your dog is picked up while running loose, you will be issued a summons in accordance with the following fine schedule.  Dogs that are picked up running at large in the city limits will be taken to the Wichita Animal Shelter.  To view a log of animals that have been turned over to the Wichita Animal Shelter please visit their Daily Animal Pickups.

Fines for leash law violation:

Other fines:

City Ordinance prohibits keeping the following animals:

  1. Registered purebred miniature Vietnamese potbelly pigs over 80 pounds or not spayed or neutered.
  2. Any barn yard type animal including but not limited to bovine (cows), equine (horses, donkeys, etc.), swine, sheep, goats and fowl (chickens).
  3. Any warm-blooded, carnivorous or omnivorous, wild or exotic animal.
  4. Any venomous or dangerous snakes (pythons, boas, etc.)
  5. Any animal having poisonous bites.
  6. Any dog or cat having the disposition to bite without provocation is considered a dangerous animal.
  7. Pit bulls and wolf hybrids with the exception that if a resident owned a pit bull or wolf hybrid prior to May 27, 1999, they are allowed to keep the dog as long as they obtain a permit as required by Ordinance

To Report a Found Pet or Animal Running at Large

Maize Police Department
(316) 722-1433 EMERGENCY 911