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Public Works Department

The Public Works Department is responsible for snow removal, street maintenance, water meter reading and installation, maintenance of street signs and signals, water distribution and sanitary sewer line maintenance, water and wastewater treatment plants, and wellhead protection. Their Maintenance Shop is located at 5600 N. Maize Rd. immediately north of the Wastewater Treatment Plant, and can be reached at 316-722-4854. All employees are being cross-trained to work in any of the public works areas.

Public Works Staff

Maintenance/Street Department

There are many different jobs that must be done in the Maintenance Division of the City of Maize. Here are just a few of them: We fill potholes with temporary asphalt patches, grade the dirt streets, and sweep the streets, clean culverts and ditches, clean storm sewer drains, check the sewer system monthly to make sure everything if flowing as it should, check for street signs, stop signs, etc. Also as a part of this we mow most all the ditches along Maize Road, 53rd St., and all along the drainage ditches and along the Railroad track through town. We also maintain all city facilities.

We also pour concrete for sidewalks, curb and gutter, and drainage ditches. We pick up brush once a month for the elderly and disabled. In addition we maintain most all of the equipment that we use; regular service such as changing oil, grease, sharpening blades; just in general servicing all the equipment.

Street Light Out?

If you notice that a street light is out, call City Hall and we will contact our Westar representative. Please provide the exact location of the street light when calling. For after-hour electrical problems, please contact Westar at 383-8600.


Ron Smothers, Director