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City of Maize Where Community Counts

City of Maize 10 Year Revew... Great Things Are Happening!

10 Year Review

Great Things Are Happening!

December, 2015

During the past ten years Maize has experienced exponential growth.  Several reasons enter into this growth.

  • Maize's city limits are contiguous with the northwest boundaries of the City of Wichita.

  • The Maize public school system is state-of-the art with highly qualified teachers and is ranked as a top district in the State.

  • The City has planned for and made improvements to accommodate the growth.

However the single greatest contributor factor to the success of the growth of Maize has been the support of the Maize City Council. (The Governing Body)

  • They have been visionaries during this process

  • They implemented long range planning in all areas

  • Stepped forward with up-front money to provide the infrastructure in order to support the future growth; specifically water & sewer & roads

  • Provided funds for in-depth studies in marketing, water and sewer improvements, road construction and maintenance and future growth demands.

  • They authorized additional staffing requirements in each department.

  • Provided for the necessary equipment upgrades

  • Enhanced employee benefits

  • Increased employee training opportunities.

  • And at the same time they preserved the financial stability of the city without increasing taxes.

Their support, unified with excellent, quality employees, has resulted in significant growth and development.  A brief outline of some of these results are noted below:

  1. Growth & Development

    1. Geography area

      • Land area has tripled in the past 10 years

      • Currently just under 10 sq miles

      • 95% annexation was requested annexation (consent)

    2. Population

      • According - US Census Bureau & Wichita Business journal Maize is among fastest-growing KS communities

      • Maize 2015 population estimate is 4,200 (US Census Bureau)

      • Compared to 2,500 - 10 years ago

      • When schools in session city daily population is about 14,000 (Maize schools & WSU West)

    3. Assessed Valuation

      • Experienced a 153% increase in 10 years

    4. Housing

      • 495 new single family homes

      • 20 Duplexes

      • 10 triplexes

      • 1 apartment complex with 7 buildings

      • New upscale apartment to start in 2016

      • One new hotel

    5. Commercial

      • 29 new commercial outlets (some in strip malls)

    6. Industrial Development

      • Industrial Park Master Plan (Transystems 2012/13)

      • Maize Industrial Park opened in 2014

      • First plant opened this year

      • The second will open soon

      • Approximately three hundred new employees are now working in Maize.

    7. Park Improvements

      • Master Park Plan

      • New playground equipment

      • Upgrade for the Park Community building

      • New skate park feature

      • New Splash park & park restrooms approved (spring)

      • Establishment of a City Arboretum

    8. Cemetery Improvements

      • Opening a new 5 acres

      • Landscaping plan in place

      • New fencing, tree planting underway

  2. Infrastructure/Public Facilities Improvements

    1. Roadways

      • Maize Road (45th to 53rd -connector to K-96)

      • Maize Road 53rd to 61st

      • Academy Street

      • Several other roadways upgraded

      • Policy of paving all annexed streets (at large)

      • Ongoing 5 year street maintenance plan

    2. Utilities

      • New water system

      • Upgrade of sewer lines & lift stations

      • Plans completed & approved for wastewater plant expansion. Funding option being considered.

    3. Flood Control

      • Improved storm water drainage system

      • Constructed $1.2 million dollar retention pond with pump station

      • No longer home flooding in Maize

    4. Facilities Improvements

      • New City Hall Complex

        • Administration

        • Police

        • Recreation Commission

        • Public Storm shelter

        • Underground PD parking garage

      • New EMS Ambulance building

      • New Sedgwick County Fire station #33

      • New Public Works Maintenance building (Open in April)

  3. Personnel & Equipment

    1. 47 full/part-time employees/Council

    2. Largest increase in Public Works & Police

    3. Administration, Police & Public Works equipment upgrade/replacement plan

    4. Outstanding professionals at every level and assignment.

    5. City provides a competitive employee pay plan & benefit package

    6. Very low employee turnover


Commercial Growth

Retail Strip Mall

Holiday Inn Express

Road Improvements

Maize Road Expansion

Road Paving

Sidewalk Impovements

Sidewalk Expansion

Sidewalk Expansion

Park Impovements

Skate Park

New Water System

Water Tower

Expanded Industrial Park

Reiloy USA

Expanded City Services and Facilities

Street Sweeper

City of Maize
Through the integration of its population into every aspect of quality education, civic improvements, community appearance, commerce and recreation, Maize shall preserve its small town atmosphere and become the best small city in Kansas.

"Where Community Counts"