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City of Maize "Where Community Counts"
Housing Incentive Plan Grant Program


  • Jolene Graham

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    Maize, KS 67101


Housing Incentive Plan

Extended through December 31, 2020

The Housing Incentive Plan is intended to promote the overall economic development of the City of Maize, Kansas by stimulating the construction and sale of new residential housing, thereby bringing new residents to the City.

The 5-year formula is outlined below:

  • Year 1:  100% Maize Property Taxes Refunded
  • Year 2:  100% Maize Property Taxes Refunded
  • Year 3:  100% Maize Property Taxes Refunded
  • Year 4:  75%   Maize Property Taxes Refunded
  • Year 5:  50%   Maize Property Taxes Refunded

Reimbursement Instructions

New homeowners need to complete and return to City Hall after closing on their new home:  

  1. Application
  2. Grant Agreement
  3. W-9 (one for each person listed on the property)
  4. A signed copy of the Settlement Statement from closing OR a copy of the Certificate of Occupancy
After the Application paperwork has been filed and approved by the City Administration, the process to claim the reimbursement is simply turning  in a receipt to the City showing that the property taxes have been paid in full.  This needs to be done yearly, before the close of the following calendar year.  The printout of property taxes from the County Appraiser’s website satisfies this.

Transferring Incentive to New Home Owner

A Qualified Resident may assign its interest in the Grant Agreement upon sale of the Property to another Qualified Resident during the Grant Period by completing an "Assignment of Grant Agreement" form, provided the conditions of the Plan continue to be met. The participating Qualified Resident is responsible for passing on the conditions of and general information on the Plan to any subsequent owner of the Property.

The agreement form should then be forwarded to Maize City Hall.

More Information

For additional information on the grants and application procedure contact Jolene Graham, call (316) 722-7561.

Housing Incentive Plan Document

City of Maize
Through the integration of its population into every aspect of quality education, civic improvements, community appearance, commerce and recreation, Maize shall preserve its small town atmosphere and become the best small city in Kansas.

"Where Community Counts"