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  • Clair Donnelly Amphitheater


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Clair Donnelly Amphitheater

Construction to Start This Spring!

Amphitheater Overview

The Clair Donnelly Amphitheater will be at the western portion of the Maize City Park. The primary element for this park is to incorporate a new outdoor amphitheater while ensuring flexibility to meet a variety of community gathering and passive recreation needs. This will be an adaptable space to host diverse events from concerts and performances to farmers markets, food trucks, art fairs, and other gatherings and special events. It also needs to work as one par; fully integrated with the eastern portion of City Park. A key element to the amphitheater is to memorialize the legacy of Clair Donnelly, a previous mayor of Maize.

Mayor Donnelly was a true community leader and integral in creating the vision for the amphitheater. Maize is using the park development as an opportunity to honor Mayor Donnelly and achieve his vision of creating a place where families go, socialize, create memories, and enhance quality of life in Maize.

The amphitheater concept is about creating opportunities for truly amazing experiences. The concept elegantly functions for performers with all the amenities needed to host a broad range of performances. It incorporates amenities and is designed for audience comfort. The space also functions as a passive park when events are not occurring. It is not only a great place to watch a performance, it is a good place to have a family picnic, walk the dog around a pond, socialize with friends, or lay on the lawn and relax. It is a place to create memories.

Clair Donnelly Memoria

City of Maize
Through the integration of its population into every aspect of quality education, civic improvements, community appearance, commerce and recreation, Maize shall preserve its small town atmosphere and become the best small city in Kansas.

"Where Community Counts"