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Police Department

A Message from Chief Weible

Chief of Police Jeff WeibleWell, as the saying goes, “Time Flies”. It has been five months since I last sent out a department update on how things are going. As I mentioned in July, we were working to fill our open positions and add additional SRO’s in partnership with the Maize School District. I am happy to report that we were able to get that completed. We are one of the few departments around that have School Resource Officers working in schools from grades 5 through 12. The six SRO’s have been doing amazing work in connecting with the youth in our schools and keeping our schools safe. I want to give a big thank you to the City Council and City Administration for their support on this endeavor.

Officer Faber and Morales graduated from KLETC in November and are currently going through Field Training. They both should be out on their own by the end of January. So, if you see them out tell them hello and congratulations.

As I mentioned in July, we are trying to optimize our use of technology to keep our community safe. We have updated our Axon technology and as we speak, FLOCK is being installed in strategic locations to enhance safety and investigations.

I am glad to say we are fully staffed, and I am blessed that we have such an amazing team of police professionals. As I have told many people, before working for the Maize PD, my impression was that Maize had a professional and dedicated team of law enforcement professionals working here. I am proud to say, now that I have been here for nine months, my impression was spot on.

I am excited for what the next year holds in store.

Jeff Weible
Chief of Police
Maize, Kansas

Maize Police Shoulder Patch and BadgeThe Maize Police Department provides 24 hour police protection and services 365 days a year to our citizens, businesses, schools and visitors.  Officers of the Maize Police Department are charged with enforcing the city ordinances of Maize as well as state and federal laws and work in partnership with the residents of Maize to address community concerns and problems.  Maize Police Officers are dual commissioned by the Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office to respond and provide mutual aid in any area of Sedgwick County when requested or in the area.


Our Mission:

With integrity and professional respect for all individuals, the officers of the Maize Police Department shall provide ethical and impartial services to maintain a safe community.

Core Values:

Respect – Showing dignity and compassion for all.

Integrity – Doing what is right even when no one is watching.

Service – Fully supporting and defending the rights of individuals through professional, fair, and compassionate service.

Ethical Conduct – Continuously reflecting on our own beliefs and actions to ensure that we hold ourselves to the highest standards.


"You Police, Our Community"

Vacation Watch

Going on vacation or leaving town for a few days?  The Maize Police Department will conduct extra patrols of your home while you're gone.  Submit your Vacation / Extra Watch Request before you leave town.

Fingerprint  Fingerprinting

The Maize Police Department provides employment fingerprinting every Wednesday from 2:30-3:30pm.

  • Fingerprinting services fees:
    • Non-resident - $25.00
    • Resident - No charge
    • USD 266 Applicant - No charge
    • 2 card maximum - $5.00 per additional card

Police Staff

Police Chief Jeff Weible
Deputy Chief Craig Brasser
Sergeant Braden Blackburn
Sergeant Craig Pentecost
Detective Jeff Piper
Police Officer / SRO Maize South High School Jeff Albert
Police Officer / SRO Maize South Middle School Alex Agler
Police Officer Dalton Bourn
Police Officer/ SRO Maize High School Jamey Dover
Police Officer Lia Faber
Police Officer / SRO Maize Middle School Ben Gabel
Police Officer Omar Galaviz
Police Officer Trisha Lauer
Police Officer Jonathan Morales
Police Officer / SRO Maize Intermediate School Wyatt Pulver
Police Officer R.J. Runyan
Police Officer Jamie Schepis
Police Officer Grant Seiler
Police Officer / SRO Maize South Intermediate School Jesolyn Trego
Code Enforcement Officer Jeff Greep
Administrative Assistant Paige Bliss

City of Maize
Through the integration of its population into every aspect of quality education, civic improvements, community appearance, commerce and recreation, Maize shall preserve its small town atmosphere and become the best small city in Kansas.

"Where Community Counts"